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Student Alleges Sexual Misconduct By Stir Crazy Contestant

The U of C Rampart, July 10, 2019

Denyse Grant, an economics student at the University Of Chicago, has commenced a grievance proceeding against fellow student and Stir Crazy contestant Jarrod Udy, on grounds of sexual misconduct. Grant contends that, with the show’s revelation of his sexual chemistry power, that a brief sexual encounter she had with Udy during 2018 orientation cannot be regarded as truly consensual. Grant referred all comment to Elaine Crispian, her complaint advisor.

"Without getting into the specifics of the case, I can speak to the university’s sexual harassment policy as it relates to the gene-expressive. Students who know that they possess mood-altering powers are required to take extra care in determining consent before proceeding with sexual contact," Crispian explained. "None of these extraordinary abilities is more germane to this area of ethical concern than the intense pheromone manipulation of the sexual chemistry power."

Talk radio fixture Morgan Malone has been a frequent critic of the university’s harassment policies. "So basically a guy unlucky enough to have a super power not only is the subject of prejudice and fear, but basically has to blow his chances with the ladies by pre-announcing he’s a freak at the outset of each and every dating situation? What about a guy who is naturally hunkier and more attractive than average? Are we next going to bust him for putting out too many pheromones? These harassment polices are doomed to fail, because they take all the nasty gray areas of human sexuality and try to stuff ‘em into a bureaucratic process."

Locked down in the show’s set, as required by its rules, Udy was unavailable for comment. He is on leave from his studies in the undergraduate Business program while he appears on the television show. The fate of the complaint remains in limbo until he returns.

"Should he fail to return to the authority of the university, civil or criminal action might instead be appropriate," Crispian said.
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