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[D&D] Megadungeon? Me? With my reputation?

I decided I need to get a lot better at Campaign Cartographer 3. Megadungeons seem a rather interesting space to play around in, so I thought I'd give it a go. So far, so interesting. I'm up to room 83 and the process of mapping has generated a backstory, several distinct areas and I've even started stocking bits of it. I don't suppose I'll get to run it, but from what I learned running the B4 Basic D&D, it's entirely possible to run 4e the same way a Grognard runs their OD&D.

I've been using Google documents more and more too, just so that the stuff I jot down at work is right there on my laptop at home without any action on my part. Now if they can get Google docs to work on an iPad I'd be £429 poorer. (Actually I wouldn't - "money is too tight to mention")
Tags: 4e, d&d, maps

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