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Hi-ho hi-ho, it's off to bash we go.

We played the B4 - Lost City 4e pick-up game again at the weekend. A Dwarf Fighter, Dwarf Thunder Wizard, Dwarf Axemage (aka Swordmage), Halfing Barbarian, Gnome Illusionist Wizard, Human female Heal Cleric (NPC) who I was tempted to rename Snow White

The party kept running into ongoing poison attacks, including my Killer Bees, and many saves were made successfully thanks to the +5 vs poison. I liked how the Killer Bees (10 ongoing poison damage, but suicide attack) worked out and I suspect that against a less Dwarven party it would have resulted in a few scary moments.

The Dwarven Axemage was completely independently named Gorm, so when the party met the Brotherhood Of Gorm there was much rejoicing. Gorm the god is a stern faced bearded man too and who knows how tall a god is?

The party pretty much ignored the 3rd level and are now onto the more dangerous 4th level but are still only first level. This could prove interesting, but they are close enough to 2nd that the first encounter might tip them over the edge. I continue to annoy the party with Fassandra the Healer, who always gives good advice.
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