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Games Expo : GBU

On Friday I drove up to Birmingham to run the Pelgrane Press stand as Games Expo 2010, a joint rpg, board and war game convention that runs over the weekend. It certainly seemed very busy.

The Good

Talking and enthusing to lots of people who had never heard of GUMSHOE or Trail Of Cthulhu, bigging up The Armitage Files which was universally well received as an idea. Talking politics, art and games design over several hours with Ralph Horsley, Alessio Cavatore and Angus Abranson amongst others on Saturday while consuming too much Fox's Nob and Lone Wolf beer. Being taught a little Shurro by Alessio on Sunday and getting to chew the fat with Steve Dempsey on the drive bank into London. Picking up some more Pig Faced Orcs and other Otherworld miniatures.

The Bad
Failing to convert many good, hard fought pitches into sales. While many people loved the idea of GUMSHOE, thought Trail sounded really 'up their street' and Mutant City Blues as 'cool' they rarely got out their wallets and bought. I'm not sure if there was too much shiney elsewhere, if it were the wrong crowd, with lots of students, wargamers and boardgamers or if we just didn't get so many people past the stall but sales were simply not very spectacular. However I think many people know more about GUMSHOE and Pelgrane.

The Ugly
I'm once again reminded how a few gamers lack basic social graces. I was using tongs to serve myself sausages and bacon from the buffet breakfast when tall and broad man came bounding up to the area with a half full plate and stood too close to me with obviously fretting over the wait while I served myself. He then just reached over and scooped up sausages and bacon with his fingers. I try to non-judgmental about peoples habits (or lack of them) but really, no!
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